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Frozen By 360 American Sea Scallops 200g

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Upon harvesting at sea, our scallops are hand-shucked by fishermen and packed in ice to preserve freshness. Once landed at the docks, the scallops are rinsed in water, quickly frozen and glazed for protection and preserving taste!

For many food lovers, there is no finer seafood choice than scallops! They are fantastically versatile: scallops can be served raw and thinly sliced, marinated with spices as a ceviche, slightly seared, or pan-fried.

Individually quick frozen, our scallops can be removed from the bag in single portions and easily defrosted in hand-warm water.

All-natural frozen product. Certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Note: Frozen items may be delivered on a separate day. Immediately store in your freezer upon receipt.