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Frozen Andrei's King Turbot Loin 200g

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Turbot doesn’t have a strong fishy taste. Any sauce or rub can be used to create a beautiful turbot masterpiece.

Comes from a very big turbot fish like a wild halibut

Can be seared and cooked through. Can also be grilled, baked and poached

Latin Name: Scophthalmus maximus

• Turbot are premium flat fish, meant for the best of chefs and kitchens.
• gleaming white flesh when cooked
• You can serve them, cooked to perfection in luxuriously subtle flavorings (lightly seasoned is best) to be paired with European wines.
• used by top French and Italian chefs, including Michelin-star restaurants.

Certification: GAP and BAP Certified

Origin: Spain

Flavor profile and use:
1. highly prized species – often regarded as the best of the flatfish with great flavor and firm, white flesh.
2. has a slightly more pronounced 'fishy' taste,
3. retains plenty of moisture during cooking, which means it doesn’t readily dry out