5 Things to Know About Natural Mineral Sunscreen

5 Things to Know About Natural Mineral Sunscreen

1. Mineral blockers are free from chemical sunscreens.

Most traditional sunscreens use a cocktail of chemicals that absorb into the skin and scatter the sun’s rays to prevent burning. Mineral sunscreens use natural titanium and zinc that act like a mirror to simply reflect rays away.

2. Mineral sunscreens offer immediate and long-lasting protection.

Have you ever wondered why you’re advised to wait 15 to 30 minutes after applying sunscreen before venturing into the sun? It's because chemical sunscreens have to be fully absorbed into skin before they're actually effective. Natural mineral sunscreens, however, work immediately to block rays, plus they don’t break down over time.

3. Minerals offer broad-spectrum protection, naturally.

Chemical sunscreens guard against burning rays (UVB), but not all of them fight early skin aging (caused by UVA rays). It's important to read your sunscreen label to check if it’s broad spectrum (a combo of UVA and UVB protection). Zinc oxide is one of the most popular physical sunscreens because it provides natural, broad-spectrum protection.

4. Mineral sunscreen is less irritating.

Long-term health risks aside, sunscreen chemicals can potentially trigger allergies and other skin reactions. Since natural minerals reflect UV rays and aren’t absorbed into the skin, they are much less likely to cause irritation. This makes them great for those with sensitive skin or anyone who wants to avoid synthetic chemicals.

5. Mineral sunscreen is gentler on mother nature’s skin.

Usually, if something isn’t good for you, it’s also not good for the planet. Chemical sunscreens are no exception. Studies have shown that common chemical sunscreens like oxybenzone can be damaging to coral reefs, which serve as homes for 25 percent of all ocean life. For this reason, reefs are disappearing twice as fast as rain forests. We can help prevent this from happening simply by switching to natural mineral sunscreen. When formulas are made with minerals that come from the earth, those minerals can safely return there once your day in the sun is done.




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