A Place to Gather

A Place to Gather

The historian Brian Cowan describes 18th century English coffeehouses as “places where people gathered to drink coffee, learn the news of the day, and perhaps to meet with other local residents and discuss matters of mutual concern.” The absence of alcohol created an atmosphere in which it was possible to engage in more serious conversation than in a pub.

Coffee houses soon became “London’s latest novelty”. A relaxed atmosphere, their relative cheapness (one penny for a cup of coffee) and accessibility contributed to coffeehouse sociability and their rise in demand. (Wikipedia).

Not much has changed since then except the price of coffee!. Four years after launching Baking Therapy Café (BTUT) in February 2019 at Uptown Mall, BGC, I have come to realize that cafés (coffee houses) are in fact, a miniature form of society. The elegant beauty of a café lies in its customers.

The eclectic mix of people that come and visit us every day, with their weird and wonderful characters and personalities, are each a minute expression of the society. From the young upwardly mobile professionals, business owners, single parents to yogis, mall shoppers, students or retired couples all going about their business and each has their own unique life’s story.

With the opening last month of our second café at Shangri-La Plaza mall in Ortigas, Baking Therapy Shang (BTS) aims to serve as a gathering place for social and business interactions. It provides our customers with a place to meet, talk, gossip, debate, read, work, or pass the time, whether individually or in small groups while enjoying coffee (or matcha) with a piece of croissant.

It can also be the perfect place for first (50) dates! It’s busy enough that awkward silences can be ignored, yet intimate enough to spend time getting to know one another and enjoy each other’s company.

So, what can you find at Baking Therapy Café? Aside from our legendary Sumatra coffee (with a robust earthy flavor yet less acidic taste), you can indulge in artisanal French pastries, gluten-free baked goods, gluten-free cakes plus other dairy-free, sugar-free, vegan, and keto-friendly baked products. All made daily (except cakes) with natural ingredients from Healthy Options.

My personal favorites are the super buttery croissants, chicken pocket pies, pan  au chocolat, demi-baguette and the sourdough pan de sal. Soft-serve ice cream will also soon be available.

A visit to Baking Therapy Café is not only a nourishing experience but it’s also good for the soul….just like a therapy! Go visit BT Uptown and BT Shang today. And coming soon near you: BT Rockwell, BT Podium, BT Megamall, BT Greenbelt and BT Ayala Town Center.


Have a great summer!

Romy Sia



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