Save the Planet for Our Children

Save the Planet for Our Children

The causes and impacts of global warming, climate change, environmental degradation and the various debates and solutions being proposed to them are, for the most part, too big to handle for ordinary people.


We worry about our daily lives: making a living, raising a family, caring for elderly parents, managing a career or business, retirement, finding a partner, etc. Using reusable bags and eco-friendly products is the most we do in saving the planet and think this is enough. Sadly, it isn't.

The greatest threat to our planet is believing someone else will save it. I must confess I used to think this way too until my granddaughter Maya came to my life.

When I see the effects of climate change like intense heat waves, droughts, flooding, wild fires, melting glaciers and ice sheets, and rising sea level around the globe, I get extremely concerned about the future and wonder what kind of world she will be living in. Environmental protection is now less about me but more for my descendants and their future.

The priority we give today towards financial security for our children will mean nothing if we leave behind a toxic world with depleted natural resources that put doubt on their long-term survival. Saving the planet today means saving our children and their future. 

The goal of this special issue is to raise awareness about the importance of Nature and the threats it faces. It aims to create tangible actions and solutions to face those threats that will inevitable impact our children and their future. There's still time but we must act now.


Best of health,

Romy Sia

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