Traveling is The Best Teacher

Traveling is The Best Teacher

In this day and age, traveling is so much simpler compared to the past, especially with the help of Google search, abundant flight and accommodation options, and online bookings. You can practically plan a whole travel itinerary while in bed!

Traveling is the best teacher outside the classroom. It offers the opportunity to know and experience other people’s cultures, beliefs, and history. It provides you the chance to learn about foreign customs and traditions and gives you a ringside view of how other people work, live, and play.

This is why at Healthy Options, I like bringing along my leadership team with me to meet and visit our suppliers/vendors or attend trade shows abroad. I cannot ask them to treat and give customers a ‘world-class’ service if they have never traveled and experienced the finer things in life themselves. So, they usually stay in the same hotel and dine at the same fine restaurants with me.

Here are three reasons why traveling is the best teacher:

  1. 1. Travel widens your horizons- Someone who is experienced and sophisticated is called worldly because of their wide exposure and practical knowledge about life and the world. This is because the best way to expand one’s horizons is to travel far and wide. Traveling allows you to see things from a completely different perspective and learn new things about the world.
  2. 2. Travel makes you appreciate other people’s culture and traditions -When traveling to a foreign land, you will get to know the locals better and they will likely teach you something new about their history, culture, food, and values. This experience teaches you to understand and respect their customs and traditions.
  3. 3. Travel helps you to discover yourself -Probably the most important aspect of travel is it helps you to discover yourself. Whether you travel alone or with a group, you quickly come to realize your true nature, the things that you really enjoy, things that annoy or stress you out, and the kind of person you really are. Without leaving your comfort zone, you only have a very narrow understanding of your true self and you may even be totally unaware of your real persona.

If you have never been out of the country before, now is your chance to do it. Or, if you have only been going to the same places year after year, it’s time to break your dull routine and bring more positive changes to your personal life. So, get your passport out, book your flights, and have fun!

Best of health,

Romy Sia


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