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Frozen Esguerra Kurobuta Tomahawk 375g

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Esguerra Farms is the country’s premier producer of the world-renowned Kurobuta pork. Kurobuta is prized for its exceptional marbling, owing to its breed and its natural way of rearing. This makes the meat delectable and succulent in every bite.

The hogs graze freely in the vast fields of Lipa, Batangas and are nurtured on a healthy diet of fermented plant-based feeds, free of any chemicals. Grown naturally in a stress-free environment, the meat is juicier and more tender, which adds indulgent tones to its already natural smokey sweet flavor. Overall flavor and texture is improved with the longer dry aging process exclusively done for Healthy Options.

Esguerra Farms cares for animal welfare and sustainable farming practices and is committed to delivering pasture-raised, hormone free, antibiotic free, and naturally-grown local Kurobuta pork from its farm to your fork.

This cut is best grilled or pan-seared after rubbing with salt, pepper, and your favorite spices.

Note: Frozen items may be delivered on a separate day. Immediately store in your freezer upon receipt.