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Glee Gum Sugar-Free Lemon-Lime 16 pcs

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Dig into some Lemon-Lime Glee gum which provides you with a citrus, natural, low calorie, and sugar-free alternative to conventional chewing gum. Its all-natural formula is sweetened with xylitol, made from American birch and beech trees, and is completely free of aspartame, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. It is made using chicle as its gum base to help conserve the rainforest.

Chicle is a sap from the sapodilla tree, which grows in the rainforest of Central America. The skilled farm laborers who harvest the chicle are called chicleros. Because there is a market for chicle, and because the sustainable harvest of it provides an economically viable way to make a living, chicleros have good reason to invest in the maintenance of the forest.